Our Vision

Our Vision

shadowVIEWS is a collaboration between Emma Jones and Neil Cordell which explores the differing visions of two photographers. Sometimes the way that photographers view and represent the same subject matter is vastly different whilst at other times it can be very similar.

Everyone views the world differently which always amazes us. Originally, it surprised us that a group of photographers can go out together and apparently shoot the same thing but come back with completely different images. From this basis, we decided to explore how two photographers tackle the same subject.

Our initial exploration has been all about considering how we approached two counties on the same trip, travelling together and experiencing the same or at least similar things. You may well think that we would come up with very similar images but fortunately we all see the world differently and focus on different aspects within it. These images are of Laos and Vietnam which are both picturesque and the people are so friendly too.

Following this, we decided to explore our approaches to two more countries which we have both visited but at separate times. This provided an additional contrast because the weather and lighting conditions varied. The two countries, Jordan and Myanmar, are also diverse — Jordan is surrounded by ‘noisy’ neighbours in the Middle East whilst Myanmar in South East Asia has only recently opened up its borders to foreigners.

We are continuing to explore this idea of contrasting two views of different subjects.